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Windows 11 22H2: Windows 11 was released in October 2021, and since then Microsoft has been working non-stop to improve it. A good proof of this was the February update, in which Redmond gave us the Windows Subsystem for Android, improvements to the taskbar, the renewal of Notepad and a new Media Player. But that’s nothing compared to what’s to come: Windows 11 22H2.

Windows 11 22H2

The 2022 update for Windows 11 has been cooking for months and, as of today, we already know the vast majority of the new features that it will include. Windows 11 22H2 will be everything that Windows 11 wanted to be in the beginning and that, due to lack of time, I cannot achieve. This update adds new features, improves existing ones and continues to deepen the aesthetic renewal of the operating system. Let’s see together all that it brings!


What’s new in Windows 11 22H2

Windows 11 will automatically detect if we are using our computer in tablet mode (without keyboard) or with a keyboard. In the first case, the taskbar will become larger, facilitating touch interaction. In addition, it will hide every time we open an application, allowing us to enjoy the content in full screen.

The new gestures to open the Start Menu, the Quick Settings, the Notification Center or to show/hide all open windows come to deepen this idea. As icing on the cake we can also highlight the new rotation animation on tablets, much more aesthetic than its crude predecessor.


Start Menu: folders and further customization

The Windows 11 22H2 Start Menu will take a step forward by adding two features that are highly demanded by users. The first is the possibility of creating application folders in it, which will allow us to organize our programs more efficiently.

The second novelty has to do with customization. Microsoft will allow to add one more row of applications or recommendations, letting us decide if we want to give more or less weight to one of the two things.


Snap Layouts: a new way to organize our windows

With the release of Windows 11, Microsoft introduced “Snap Layouts”, a very simple way to organize our windows by hovering over the maximize button of the current window.

Now, with version 22H2, Microsoft intends to give Snap Layouts another twist. Those of Redmond want this function to be as accessible as possible and that users know it, adding a new way to reach it. In this case, all you have to do is drag the current window to the top of your screen to display a small menu with the available window organization options.

Also, regarding the windows, the animation by which one transitions from one state of snap assist to another has been renewed.


File Explorer: tabs, better integration with OneDrive and more

Microsoft redesigned File Explorer with the release of Windows 11 but hasn’t stopped working on it internally for the past few months. Windows 11 22H2 will introduce the ability to create tabs in File Explorer just like we do in our browser, making it easier for us to search for multiple files at once without having to open multiple application windows.

In addition, Microsoft has introduced the following new features in File Explorer:

Possibility to pin specific files to the «Quick Access» panel and not just folders and directories.

Improved right-click menu performance.

The “more options” menu can now be invoked directly with the “shift + right click” command.

File Explorer redisplays preview images of files contained in a folder when they are displayed large.

When sharing a local file in File Explorer with Outlook, you can now compose an email directly in the shared window without having to go into Outlook directly

When browsing your folders synced with One Drive, you can now see your sync status and storage usage without leaving File Explorer.


Windows search: faster and with additions

Windows Search will now be faster and more accurate than before. In addition, a “Highlights” section has been added that will show us curiosities, trends and beautiful photographs.


New Task Manager

Microsoft keeps renovating old parts of the operating system and with Windows 11 22H2 we will receive an excellent redesign of the Task Manager. This new aesthetic follows the modern design lines of the operating system and incorporates a side navigation bar and a new settings page . And finally it has a dark theme!

But not everything is aesthetics. The new Task Manager will also have a new function called “Efficiency Mode” that we can apply to those processes that usually consume more resources to reduce their impact. We will know that this mode is activated thanks to a green leaf icon that will appear next to the process.

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