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malicious software

your web page has been hacked and infected with malware, the first thing you should do is put it offline, since the pages that contain malicious elements become transmitters of malicious software, which is introduced into the computers of web page visitors. In the event that your web hosting provider has not informed you of the presence of malicious software, contact them to update them on the situation, as it can often be of help to eradicate it. However, you can take certain measures to restore the security of your web server independently :

Analyze the computer for harmful elements: the first step is to rule out that your computer is the cause of the problem. To do this, you will have to analyze it for badware and debug the malicious elements found. Repeat the process with all the computers that have been connected to the web server using the FTP protocol.

malicious software

What should we do to Prevent Better From malicious virus

Change all passwords: It is likely that at least one of your passwords has been hacked. Therefore, you must change all the access codes related to your server and the hacked website. To the passwords for the FTP access and for the administration, the section has added the passwords for the database of the website, for all visitors to the website and for SSH access (if any).

Purchase an Antivirus: You can Purchase an antivirus or try it free for your satisfaction. We recommend Malwarebytes free version to try it out.

Locate damage and repair it: Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) is a well-known tool with which you can better understand the actions of malware on a web page. To be able to use it, you only need to have a Google account (free). The tool scans the web page for malicious software and offers help options to fix the problem. As an alternative, you can locate the infected files on the website by yourself, although this is the work of webmasters well versed in the matter.

Make backups: If you have found malicious files, replace them with the copies of the previous backup that are not infected. To be absolutely sure that you have removed all kinds of malicious programs, you have to remove the entire web page, reinstall it, and insert all the files with the help of a clean backup. If you have not backed up the website or if it is also infected, your hosting provider can provide you with an old version of your files.

Remove the web page from blacklists: Search engines like Google or Bing send web pages that contain malware to so-called blacklists. Those on the Google blacklist are fine either because they have had poor search results or because they are going to be completely removed from the results list. Once you have removed all the malicious software, the next step is to request a new analysis of the website by the search engines. In the case of Google, the Search Console would be used again, while Bing makes the Bing Webmaster Tools available.

If you are unsure of being able to repair all the damage on your own, you should turn to experts, because the only way satisfying both visitors and control authorities like Google or your hosting provider is having a completely secure page.

Never underestimate the dangers of malware

Malicious software lurks in all corners of the Internet, it can affect anyone and cause significant damage, so it is necessary to deal with the problem in time and take the appropriate preventive measures. In addition to using special programs and carrying out preventive maintenance, do not forget to be careful and prudent when accessing the Internet, be it when surfing the web, using web applications, downloading files or opening attachments of the e-mails. Despite taking this into account, there is no 100% safe protectionand even the most cautious users can cause malicious programs to enter systems. Removing malware requires effort but it has its reward, as only a system free of harmful elements can guarantee you the corresponding security and performance.

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